Clicker – an art or fun?

For many people animal training is considered  an art. For them a good training requires  some artistry.

Moreover, horse training isn’t perceived as science. You may have been told that in horse training inexplicable indivualities matter much more than strict rules.

Is that true that a clicker is a great way to have fun with your dog?  Are innate abilities and intuition required to train your dog?

Is that really true? What is training?

Basically, training may be defined as the procces of changing behaviors. That process is well known due to countless scientific experiments which have lad to the creation of the theory of learning and amazingly efficient training methods.

The process of learning is governed by universal rules; it is controlled by specific neural pathways in the brain. Any details concerning the training of a particular animal such as dog, cat, horse or canary may be narrowed down to the use of a proper motivator and knowledge of particular animal’s behavior.

A true training is not an art! It is a technology. Technology which may be learned and used by everyone effectively.

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